Article written

  • on 28.08.2009
  • at 06:50 PM
  • by Rick VanSant

Brains as a Memory System 2


Brains as a Memory System:  Video

Treo creator Jeff Hawkins urges us to take a new look at the brain — to see it not as a fast processor, but as a memory system that stores and plays back experiences to help us predict, intelligently, what will happen next.



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  1. Wendy T. says:

    I believe that too, our brain is not a fast processor, however it can be trained. And we need to train our brains to be quick processors, so it is important to begin training our brains as children. Timed tests, games and activites all help with this. I do not know where I would be as a nurse if I had to sit and ponder decisions to patient care. I’m glad I can quickly process information and give a necessary answer.

  2. Monica says:

    This was an interesting video. To actually remember what was being thought during a stroke would be awesome. I, of course would never want to experience it, but it odd to hear someone be able to share their experience. Great video. Monica

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