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  • on 01.09.2009
  • at 11:20 PM
  • by Rick VanSant

Ants and Sims 0


A fascinating article and interview by Will Wright of Biologist E. O. Wilson, professor emeritus at Harvard University, is a two-time Pulitzer-winning ant expert who helped develop theories of island biogeography, chemical ecology, and sociobiology. For those of you who are not games,  Wright is the creator of The Sims (the most successful computer game in history).

E.O. Wilson And Will Wright: Ant Lovers Unite! An Open Mic Discussion

 While I am particularly fascinated by, and a bit myopic about the brain and technology (Hence the Keynote on that subject), I am caused to reflect on the much greater interaction between gaming and society by this interview. Perhaps it is the foundational science to Wright’s games that took them to a different level than seen before. This causes me to think that really effective games have got to resonate with some of the basic biological and sociological properties of our selves and our cultures.

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