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Hi everyone. Finally back on the blog after a long hiatus getting settled in the new job. Today I am at the EDUCA conference in Berlin, what is probably the world’s largest e-learning conference. I must say, that after hearing so much of the same thing at conferences in the US year after year, it is refreshing to hear not only about new technologies in Europe, but just a subtle but palpable difference in perspective on digital learning.

One of the big differences is that I really have a several unique problems that need a technological solution. One is the need for really good lecture-capture software that also has live streaming built in. At Abu Dhabi University, we segregate the men and women (a cultural thing) but often need to teach them as one course due to enrollement size. Old style video conferencing has proven to be a very poor vehicle, and some of the major classroom capture companies are too expensive and/or need extra hardware to capture both the speaker and the other media. Enter Panopto. This one seems to have it all.

Good buy from Berlin for the moment